Anthony Beckles

Anthony Beckles

Anthony is the founder and main content creator behind BloggerXL. Though he isn't a super blogger earning $10,000s every month, he has had substantial experience with blogging and SEO and plans to share those experiences with you.

#4: Why Affiliate Marketing Sucks for Beginners (Rant)

Affiliate marketing is great, not only can it become a passive income, but if you understand how to grow a business, you'll save a lot of money getting started with it.

However, it's at the beginning stages of affiliate marketing that most people quit.

In this episode of the BloggerXL podcast, I am going to be talking about why affiliate marketing sucks for beginners (in my opinion).

I also give you 5 actionable tips that you can use as a beginner to push past those hard stages and power on to have that business that you're striving.

  • [01:40] This week's content of the week is Ahrefs video on how to get more traffic to your website in 2019 with statistics.
  • [02:25] You definitely want to have a few different active and a few different passive incomes if you want to grow to say a million dollars.
  • [03:45] I know that some people they don't enjoy being at a desk, being at a desk just reminds them of you know a desk job.
  • [09:42] For the first three months, you probably have to start creating a lot of content, and I mean a lot maybe once a week, maybe even multiple times a week just so that you've got a lot to offer when Google is monitoring your websites.
  • [11:27] What you need to do to build a successful affiliate brand. 
  • [15:10] There's a lot of tools out there that are basically seen as shiny objects, and it's targeted to newbies so that they can feel as if they're accomplishing something by buying this tool or this service. 

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