Anthony Beckles

Anthony Beckles

Anthony is the founder and main content creator behind BloggerXL. Though he isn't a super blogger earning $10,000s every month, he has had substantial experience with blogging and SEO and plans to share those experiences with you.

#5: Benefits of Blogging (As an Affiliate)

I recently made a blog post talking about the benefits of blogging. With video and audio content growing more and more each year, is it worthwhile to start a blog?

In this episode of the BloggerXL podcast, I talk about blogging and the benefits it has for affiliate marketing.

  • [01:23] This week's shoutout winner is going to go to Gary Vaynerchuk, again with his article and video on documenting vs. creating content.

    The main purpose behind this article is to get creators to produce more content to build a brand, and it is something we should all listen to, I mean even myself I should probably be producing a lot more content than I am.
  • [02:59] So, the first benefit, for blogging is that it's the easiest way to get started.
  • [04:13] The next benefit of blogging especially as an affiliate is that you can build up authority in your niche.
  • [05:42] When I first got started blogging myself and when I first got into all of this, I was speaking to somebody, and they were basically earning around about the same as your average 9 to 5 regular job.

    The difference was if they wanted to go on holiday they didn't need to ask anybody, six months in advance to go on holiday, they could just go on holiday.
  • [06:45] The next benefit is that blogging can attract leads which will improve sales. This goes hand-in-hand with affiliate marketing and with obviously running your own business but more focusing on affiliate marketing.
  • [08:17] Another benefit of blogging as an affiliate is providing value through blogging can actually help you connect with other influencers.
  • [10:09] The last reason I'm going to speak about today is to why I think you know you should be blogging and it's a huge benefit, it's just blogging is fun.

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